Björn Schwentker

Portrait of Björn Schwentker: Those in control of data are in power. We need a new kind of journalism to democratize this power.

What I do

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    Data Driven Journalism

    I am telling stories with and about data – as visualization, text, audio or video. Most essential to me is the research of data: Finding (or fighting for) the most relevant data, checking it and questioning its sources and synthesis. With data, there’s no “too big” or “too complicated”. When a data set becomes too challenging I cooperate with science to tackle it.

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    Demographic Change

    Demographic change is no threat. Nevertheless, we make it responsible for all kinds of problems. The truth is, no matter, what part of demography we look at, be it fertility, aging or migration, most of the time things turn out to be different and less dramatic than we tend to believe. As author and speaker I am explaning based on scientific research what’s behind demographic change and what it truely means.

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    Sharing Knowledge

    Good data journalism is based on solid data literacy and an understanding of what is relevant in and for society. I am discussing and teaching what makes quality in data journalism, what kind of open date we need, and why science could be the ideal partner for high quality journalism.